Fuel Pellets
Made in the USA

Our wood fuel pellets are made in West Central Georgia. After rigorous testing, we can claim almost 99% combustion efficiency.

Pellet fuel is often 1/3 the price of the comparable amount of electrical heat, oil and propane. We are seeing heightened demand now as Americans try desperately to combat the rising costs of these traditional energy sources.

Pellets are clean, easy to store and easy to use. Our convenient 40 lb. bag is easy to manage and will provide hours of continuous heat for only a few dollars!

Burning our wood pellets in your stove, encourages the economy and energy independence of the United States, reduces costs and cleans the air in the bargain!

The Natural Solution

Wood pellets are 100% organic and when burned, emit almost no smoke. They are made of premium hardwood timber by-products and other waste material that might otherwise end up in landfills. By converting this waste product into an efficient heat source, Rockwood is contributing not only to the future of home heating, but to the future of the environment.

These natural renewable energy sources (unlike natural gas, oil, or coal) greatly reduce greenhouse emissions, as they are carbon dioxide neutral.

Better Quality Control
Rockwood Pellets Bag

Rockwood manufactures premium grade wood pellet fuel. Only hardwoods are used in the production of this product. These pellets produce less residual ash and burn hotter and cleaner than conventional woodstoves or fireplaces.

Pellets are also ideal for animal bedding. There's no chopping, hauling, dirt or bugs which makes for easier cleaning, and less cost.