About Us

Named for the town “The Rock” located a few miles outside Thomaston Ga, Rockwood is central Georgia’s only dedicated manufacturer of hardwood pellets. The founder of Rockwood designed this state of the art facility from scratch in 2005 bringing it online for production in the fall of 2006. 

Rockwood Southern Wood Pellets are the highest quality pellets for use in pellet heaters, both for home and commercial uses.  As a member of the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) we insure the quality of our wood pellets by having Rockwood's product tested by an independant lab. In November of 2007, The University of Georgia – Athens selected Rockwood fuel pellets for a year long test to heat commercial poultry operations.  

Rockwood’s animal bedding, made of pure hardwood materials, has a lower moisture content than traditional saw dust doing a better job of keeping stable odors down and making waste clean up much easier. 

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Our Leadership Team:

Phillip Fallin, President and CEO

Phillip is a native of West Georgia and the Thomaston Area.  Phillip has been involved with Pellet heating for over 14 years through an affiliated family business, Thomaston Hardware. A skilled engineer and machinist,  Phillip oversaw the entire design and construction of the new Rockwood Mill.